I woke up to a typical Autumnal Saturday in the UK this morning, cold and rainy.. so how better to spend the day than to get the flat nice and tidy and giving the good old blog a little facelift!


When I changed jobs well over 2 years ago my working day suddenly became an hour longer and sadly this has made the blog suffer as I tend to be too tired to write at the end of the day. But I loved blogging and sharing my thoughts with you guys so I will from now on try to make a little time for my personal projects.. after all, we work to live right, we don’t live to work.

So here what you’ve missed.. Firstly I want to tell you about the amazing little addition to our piggie family, Busta!


I spotted Busta in Pets at Home and instantly knew he needed to come home with us, just look at that face!

Busta might have the face of and angel, but trust me, he ain’t no angel! This little troublemaker loves to get up to all kinds of misschief, from chewing leads and eating anything he can get his little paws on to performing dissapearing acts that has us manically searching the flat for his little naughty self. But hey, he’s just too gorgeous to stay mad at for long!


The other two have of course welcomed him with open paws… ok, not really, Chef has been pretty sulky since the little fella arrived as Busta loves to bully him. But he loves him really.. right?

Going to work these days has suddenly become a whole lot more interesting as the new Jason Bourne film is being filmed right outside our office building! That’s right, I’ve seen Matt Damon twice in 3 days!!! We’ll be bessies in no time!


I’ve got a serious case of the knitting bug after making a few Christmas presents last year, I haven’t been able to put down my KnitPro Symfonie needles ever since! (Yes, I’m so sad that I actually made those little hats for the pigs) Expect plenty of knit and crochet themed posts in the future.

Knitting needles on chairI think that just about sums it up, have an amazing weekend all!