Tiny knits

I have been waiting for the chance to make some baby knits for ages and when my friend told me she was expecting I pretty much jumped for joy, FINALLY!

Not only are baby knits adorable but they’re also super quick due to the size and can be the perfect opportunity to practice new skills that can be put into larger projects in the future.

I found a free pattern on loveknitting.com and after reading through it and being half confident that I was up to the task I was on my way to John Lewis for some supplies!

The pattern says to use Peter Pan Merino Baby DK only but I found that any DK merino yarn will do (and to be honest I wasn’t that impressed with the Peter Pan yarn anyway).


I’d never tried the bubble knit method before so it took some YouTube videos to figure it out, but as I got the hang of it it was actually rather simple! Although slightly time consuming I must admit.

I’m absolutely thrilled with the result, especially as all the parts are made separately and sewn together which usually I’m quite scared of as its easy to get wrong! But I think the end result looks pretty acceptable as its the first time I’ve attempted a pattern of this difficulty.

If you fancy making this cardigan yourself you can find the pattern here.

Stay tuned for more!